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‘a philosopHER walks’

Philosopher Dr Kathrine Cuccuru is walking the world, without and within.

My project is to experience and reflect on forms of walking. To variously become a peripatetic, a pilgrim, a pedestrian, a rambler/hiker/bush walker, a flâneur(se), to name a few. Importantly, as a she, this philosopHER, subverts, transgresses, and reimagines the traditionally male freedom to walk, particularly, as a philosophical practice. Basically, I am going to start putting one foot in front of the other and see where I end up…

  • Drifting, walking for surviving and thriving: Stage Two of ‘a philosopHER walks’
    [Content Note: swear words, discussion of poverty and chronic illness] I am drifting. Untethered, unfettered, movement. Seeing where it takes me, rather than where I am taken. An important difference. To drift purposefully without purpose, by choosing to actively, playfully, encounter the world just outside (or even within) our door, radically resists the reactive, purposeless drifting from one worldly demand to another. It offers space to just be and be with—to honour our most neglected human essentials. In an important sense my choice, this purpose, has been borne out having no other choice. Yet again, all I wanted to do […]
  • Stage One of ‘a philosopHER walks’: Pedestrian at Best
    [Content note: swear words] All I want to do was walk. Me and my pack and (my first thought) the entire south west coast of England. From the official website, it looks like all of the national trail can be walked right now, and a further website welcome that it could be walked by all of us right now. But no, not by me. So I look again. Closer to my current home, I find a ‘new’ old pilgrimage trail along the south coast of England. From the official website, it looks like it can be all be walked right […]

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